GACEK Company produces small metal elements for construction industry. The company's manufacturing traditions date back to 1976, when the founder of the company, Marian Gacek, started manufacturing activity. In 1994 the factory was moved to a newly opened and modernized with new technologies office. Market demand affected the expansion of the production profile of the company. Since January 2008 we have been the manufacturer of a complete gutter system- GACEK. The company's crew is a team of specialists: locksmiths, welders, painters-sprayers with a long-term practice and professional experience. The company has its own fully automated powder paint shops, as well as machinery and equipment still being subject to automate processes, which ensures competitiveness and pricing independence. We have our own well-developed transport and logistics network, ensuring the completion of orders on time and at the highest level. Our company offers a complete gutter system - GACEK, made in zinc, copper and titanium-zinc and steel, in the following colours: brown, brick, cherry, graphite, black, white, green, copper, and sizes of 125 and 150. The company continues to manufacture gutter brackets and downspouts (clamps) from cold-rolled sheet, secured against corrosion by galvanizing and painting with polyester powder paint in the colours corresponding to those of gutters and downspouts, as well as gutter brackets made of copper, steel and hot-dip galvanized.