COATED STEEL - GACEK gutter system is made of Finnish steel, galvanized, coated on both sides with pural coating. Thanks to double-sided shell, steel plate is protected against corrosion in the most efficient way. This ensures high resistance to weather conditions. Its central part is the core of steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm, which is zinc coated on both sides, covered with anticorrosion coating and primer. The outer and the bottom layer is pural. Multi-layer protective coating permanently protects guttering against corrosion.

ZINC - GACEK 125 and GACEK 150 systems made of galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of 0.6 mm are traditional gutter systems. Galvanized sheet has been used by roofers in Poland for many years. It is the most popular and least expensive material used in gutter systems.

TITANIUM-ZINC - GACEK 125 and GACEK 150 gutter systems made of titanium-zinc stand out with the highest quality and durability. Titanium Zinc is one of the most enduring alloys used for drainage systems. This material is an alloy of zinc content of 99% and titanium, copper and aluminum content of 1%. Not maintained titanium-zinc sheet retains a good quality up to 120 years depending on weather conditions.

COPPER - GACEK 125 and GACEK 150 gutter systems made of copper are the most durable and resistant to. Their durability is estimated at a period of 300 years. When exposed to atmospheric factors, this metal coincides with patina - a coating which permanently protects gutters and roof sheets against harmful effects of those factors.