GACEK gutter system is a fully complete drainage system which is ideal for every roof. It is perfect for both new and old roofs and all types of roofing. Extensive experience, long-standing practice and fully automated machinery let us offer a modern, highly resistant to mechanical damage and discoloration GACEK gutter system.

GACEK gutter system is made of Finnish steel, galvanized, coated on both sides with pural coating. Thanks to double-sided shell, steel plate is protected against corrosion in the most efficient way. This ensures high resistance to weather conditions. Its central part is the core of steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm, zinc coated on both sides, covered with anticorrosion coating and primer. The outer and the bottom layer is pural. Multi-layer protective coating permanently protects guttering against corrosion. Elements of the system are also made of high-quality steel, they are very resistant to thermal and mechanical deformation (impact, the emphasis of lying snow).